February 5th, 2015 7:35 pm ET

Jason Orion: The Underdog
By: Justin Killpatrick

There's many different types of professional wrestlers. Some are big brutes. Some are high flyers. Some are wise veterans. Some are cocky young talent. Then there's the underdogs. Not just an underdog IN the ring, but outside of it as well. That's how many would describe the Vanilla Midget. Standing at 5ft6in and weighing at 150 pounds, which is actually 65 pounds less than me, the Vanilla Midget had to overcome more than the average wrestler.

But that's what made him so popular.

Not just with his fans, or Monkeys, as he calls them.

Other wrestlers have started to take notice. And how could they not? In his short time within the League, Vanilla Midget is undefeated, and carries around the UWL American Heavyweight Championship.

But few know the real Vanilla Midget, now known as Jason Orion. I wanted to get to know the inside details to this incredible story, playing out right in front of our eyes. How he got the famous nickname, how he found himself in a UWL ring, and why he's taken a new approach with the new moniker, Jason Orion.


We see Justin Killpatrick sitting in a chair, with a purple and gold backdrop behind him. Sitting across from him, is the UWL American Heavyweight Champion, Jason Orion. The Championship belt rests in Jason's lap as he sips from a bottle of water. Justin has a stack of papers in his hands, as he begins the interview.

Justin Killpatrick: Thank you for joining me today, Jason. How are you recovering, after Wrestlefest IV?

As Jason Orion answers, we see highlights of the American Title match at Wrestlefest IV.

Jason Orion: Well Justin, you know...obviously a hard-fought battle like that leaves a mark. But you have to bounce right back. It was a hard match, no doubt, but I lived up to my word and my promise to all of my fans, all of my little Monkeys and all of my grown-up Monkeys. I can now consider myself a credible Champion, and that positive energy is more powerful than any physical pain.

Justin Killpatrick: Did you not consider yourself a credible Champion before Wrestlefest?

Jason Orion: well, yes and no. I mean...I still had something to prove. People were still telling me I was a joke, because of my size, my nickname, all that. I was out to prove them wrong this time around, and I did - and against two guys no less. Ever since then, I haven't heard any comments of that sort. so yes, I guess you could say this was my trial by fire...and Justin...I passed it.

Justin Killpatrick: You have had an incredible run here in the United Wrestling League. Despite the obvious disadvantages you face, you sit here today as the UWL American Heavyweight Champion. You have gathered a rather large following, as the 'underdog.' What do you point to as the reason for your success?"

Jason Orion: Easy; I am myself. Most people in this business are out to try and pass themselves off as something they may not always be. My fans on the other hand know that what they see with me is what they get. The guy who's on the video, or in the ring fighting, is the exact same guy that's going to come out and sign autographs and take photos. Somebody once said 'to be yourself is all that you can do'. I live by that, and people appreciate it.

Justin Killpatrick: They certainly do.

Jason Orion: Other than that, hard work, dedication and determination pay off. It sounds like a platitude, but it isn't. People can tell when someone really believes in something, really *wants* something. They can tell I love what I do, and I love my belt, and I don't take it for granted. I guess they appreciate that, too.

Justin Killpatrick: Let's go back to the beginning. You came to the UWL with a point blank name; The Vanilla Midget. How did you get that name?

Jason Orion: I got it when I was seventeen. My trainer always used to call me that - it was his idea of character building or something. Or maybe he didn't want to build at all, just to break me down. I don't know. Either way, it didn't work, 'cause li'l old Jason took it and ran with it. I became known as the Midget. And for a while there, it worked for me. So I'd like to actually thank my trainer for accidentally teaching me how to turn a negative into a positive. I would probably not be here if he hadn't.

Justin Killpatrick: Obviously, you started young. Now, how long have you been in the wrestling business now? Had you had much success prior to your appearance in UWL?

Jason Orion: It's been...ummm...well I've been competing for three or four years at this point, but just very small, local stuff. Coming to UWL was actually my first big break.

Justin Killpatrick: And what a break it was! How did you get a chance like that, on such a big stage?

Clips of the debut of the Vanilla Midget, against Apollo Cain.

Jason Orion: Walked in, asked for a tryout, got tryout, impressed, was accepted despite not having a home promotion. I guess they saw something in me... I actually kind of like being the first UWL-only Champion. Although I've been looking at promotions for the near future, after my OCW contract negotiations fell through. I'd like to compete more often, keep myself in shape.

Justin Killpatrick: You now go as Jason Orion. What brought on the need for change? Are you looking to move on to a new chapter? A fresh start?

Jason Orion: In a way, yes. As I said in my video - you can't be a Champion and still have your goofy nickname from wrestling school. Have you ever heard of ANY Champion - heck, any wrestler, period - who made it big with a name like 'The Vanilla Midget'? I haven't. It was fun while it lasted, but it was time for a change.

Justin Killpatrick: Is the name the only change to Jason Orion? Is there a new attitude? A new outlook?

Jason Orion: Hmmm...well the attitude is the same as always. Work hard, play hard. Be serious when you have to, be chill the rest of the time. The difference is, as Champion, you have to be twice as serious when it's crunch time. But no, don't expect 'The Entitled Jerk' Jason Orion anytime soon. 'The Ladies Man' Jason Orion...maybe. Considering my Twitter following. *Laughs*

Justin Killpatrick: I wouldn't know much about twitter followers. Still in the double digits there. Moving on, what's next for Jason Orion? As UWL American Heavyweight Champion, there's plenty of pressure to sign with a UWL promotion. Have you been in negotiations with anyone? Do you plan to sign anywhere?

Jason Orion: I do, but I'm considering my options very carefully. ACE really live up to their name, they are an 'awesome' promotion, and there's a lot of people I'd like to face. NAW is another option, Corey Bull was very hard to beat, and if that's the standard of competition they bring to the table...then yes, I may be interested. But who knows...at this point, I'm still browsing and getting reccommendations. And by the way, don't feel bad, man. I have nineteen followers as of this morning.

The two share a laugh.

Justin Killpatrick: Jason, last question... Many wrestlers are letting their voices be heard. They all want a shot at you and the American Heavyweight Title at UWL Retribution. Any desired challengers?

Jason Orion: Well...I heard about this guy Jack Waters, and it looks like he has a lot of things in common with me. He's like my evil twin in a way. We're both young, hungry, and he's looking for his first title - while this IS my first title. I feel like with a few different turns in our careers, I could be him and he could be me. So he'd probably be an interesting opponent to face. But really, it's not my place to make demands - whoever management has for me, I will face, and hopefully beat!

Justin Killpatrick: Jason, thank you, and good luck going forward.

Jason Orion: Thank you! And thank all my Monkeys for sticking with me. I won't let you guys down.

The two shake hands as we cut to a black screen.

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