November Promotion Rankings

#1 - Awesome Championship Wrestling (-)

ACE, who is still an upstart promotion in it's own right, seems to be the promotion to carry the UWL in 2015. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, ACE has a ton of momentum going for them. While they did not have a strong showing at UWL Ascension, with their lone rep, Flame Puppy losing in a battle royal, the talent pool is deep, and is still growing. Expect to see them near the top for a while.

As an eFed, ACE shows a lot of promise. They captured the #1 spot by sharing news more than anyone else. Via twitter and submitting news on the forums, Alan took advantage of the ability to post news. They also, while it got cancelled, used the Booking a Champion feature. This is one of the hottest feds out there right now.

#2 - Girl Power Wrestling (-)

GPW won Promotion of the Month in October, and nearly repeated the honor again in November. GPW proves that if you have a unique idea, with hard work you can pull it off. GPW has a strong presence at UWL Events. GPW's Gaia is the current UWL Ladies World Champion, and Magdalena Waechter won the Ladies Ascension Battle Royal. It will be an all GPW Ladies World Title match at Wrestlefest IV.

As an eFed, GPW has seemed to recover from a slump over the fall. After a chunk of members bolted, they held strong and seem to be back to normal. Their tag team division may rival any efed on the planet, and the OOC continues to grow.

#3 - Galveston Island Wrestling (-)

GIW continues to do what it does best, produce great Events. We recently saw Christopher Darren Erns successfully unify his Deep South Title with the Undisputed Title after defeating The Harlequin. The Island is as hot as ever, and we expect them to reign atop the Promotion Rankings again soon.

As an eFed, despite all the change over of 'Power' lately, GIW still produces top notch results. The roster is talented and deep, and the OOC Community is fantastic. Pound for pound, I'd say this is the best efed in the UWL. We would just like to see more participation.

#4 North Atlantic Wrestling (-)

The NAW has recaptured the UWL World Heavyweight Championship as Gunner Hughes begins his second reign as The Man in UWL after getting his revenge on Beck Ramsey at Ascension. As they recently eclipsed the 2 Year mark, NAW looks ahead to the future with some new faces looking to take over.

As an eFed, NAW is in a flux. Fedhead Alex Morgan has all but walked away, leaving the Mods in control, and for the most part, they've done a solid job. We here at UWL are pulling for them.

#5 Xtreme Wrestling Organization (-)

A familiar group of faces with a new name. xWo is another version of the AWF promotion that was a part of The League in 2012. They just recently aired their first Tuesday Night Turmoil and seem to be rolling right along. They are only this low in the rankings due to the fact that they are still young. This is a sleeping giant type of promotion. Don't be shocked if the New Jersey based promotion is #1 next month.

As an eFed, XWO's potential is unmeasurable. AWF was one of the best feds in UWL, and XWO is the same core group of writers and members. That allows them to easily get by the 'newness' of the fed. We expect them to be be very successful.

#6 Outlaw Championship Wrestling (-)

OCW joined the UWL in mid-November as a brand new, just opened promotion. In that time, they have signed over a dozen wrestlers and have launched the very first Saturday Night Showdown. Based out of Sweetwater, Texas the OCW looks like it will be setting the Lonestar State on fire for a long time to come. This is another promotion that could easily climb the ranks and enter the Top 5 next month.

As an eFed, we're excited about the future of OCW. The passion is there. The forums are clean and look VERY nice. Again, they are new, but are reaching a month old. That first month is the hardest. We see a lot of potential here and recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh start.

#7 Great North American Wrestling (-)

The UWL got a dose of Canada again when GNAW joined in mid-November as part of the 'new blood' of the League. Officially based out of Ontario, they just had their first event, with a promising roster. They do plan to step across the border for major Events, to give American fans a taste, but for now, they look to build momentum and try to climb the rankings.

As an eFed, GNAW is just fun. The fedhead is an old school guy from the email fed days. Their first event was called "We're Sorry Aboot Nickelback" for crying out loud. I am personally a fan of GNAW and think they will be very good in 2015. Join now!

#8 Women of Miami Wrestling (-)

Women of Miami was an upstart promotion backed financially by UWL Founder Kevin Hill to bring more women wrestlers into the League. The talent pool, while shallow right now, seems to be growing, as they have had their first Friday Night Carnage event. They join GPW as two female-only promotions in the League, as the UWL continues to prove they are home to the absolute best female wrestlers today.

As an eFed, WMW is young. A slow start has hindered them a bit, but perhaps they have turned the corner with a few signings over the past week. Not much to say about the OOC Community, as it nearly doesn't exist. We hope to see it improve in December.

#9 Capital City Wrestling (-)

Capital City, like WMW, is an upstart promotion that Kevin Hill is personally funding. Hill's long time business partner, and former UWL VP Sean Prime is the man calling the shots for the Washington D.C. based promotion. They have begun signing talent, and have reached deals with a handful of wrestlers. We expect them to take off in early 2015.

As an eFed, CCW is in it's building/recruiting phase. Prime has been in the hobby for over a decade now and has a solid track record of fedheadding, so expect CCW to be a very fun efed when they get things rolling. Until then, they sit at the bottom of the Promotion Rankings.